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Our Machine List

Every job needs the proper tools to get done well. You don’t see an artist without a pencil or paintbrush, right?

Our machines are why we can satisfy high volume orders and build intricate custom parts that are excellent quality and accurately made.

Mazak VCN 500A 5X

This machine can do multiple processes on multiple sides (without errors caused by fixturing) and performs nearly all operations in the first go.


  • CNC vertical 5 axis mill
  • Full 5x capabilities
  • Capacity 20” diameter x 20” tall

Onsrud M-Series Router

An incredibly versatile machine, it can work with all plastics and aluminum (including fiberglass and steel impregnated materials!).


  • CNC router
  • Capacity 60” x 144” x 10”
  • Filtration for all non-conventional materials

Mazak QTU 350

This machine is our workhorse – it pumps out parts for long periods of time with no issue. It’s the perfect machine for any work that requires turning.


  • CNC Lathe
  • Capacity 14” diameter x 40” long
  • Automatic steady rest for extended work holding
  • Parts catcher for quantity runs

Mazak VCN 530C

This machine has a 4th axis for rotary machining, such as surfacing, molds, or dies. It accurately performs virtually any milling work.


  • CNC vertical mill
  • 4th axis for rotary work
  • Capacity 42” x 22” x 22”

Mazak VCN 510C

Nearly identical to the VCN 530C


  • CNC vertical mill
  • 4th axis for rotary work
  • Capacity 42” x 22” x 22”

Fadal VMC 4020

Though this machine doesn’t have the 4th axis, it performs just as well as our Mazak machines. It’s perfect for simpler projects that don’t require rotary machining.


  • CNC vertical mill
  • Capacity 40” x 20” x 26”

Our Other Machines

We also have the following:

  • 3 manual lathes
  • 2 manual mills
  • Radial arm drill
  • 40-ton press

Machine Programming

Daniel Gailey, one of A&S Design’s partners, began programming G-Code by hand. He eventually switched over to Mastercam for more complex, unlimited programming.

This manual experience is still utilised today – it allows us to do in-op programming when needed. This ensures excellent quality and accurate tolerance.

New versions of machining programs are always being released. We never fall behind on updates with Mastercam and Solid Works, and we use leading-edge CAD software.

The History Behind A&S Design Ltd.

Alvin Gailey founded A&S Design Ltd. in 2004, after machining for 40+ years (he started out in the early 70s). He shares his expertise, machining skills, and design talents with his employees, who are all dedicated to perfection just like him.

A&S Design Ltd. was started as a small manual shop, where Alvin could spend his days enjoying his work. Eventually, his son Daniel Gailey joined him in the machining industry.

In 2018, Daniel and Kyle McHardy became A&S Design partners, after spending many years seeking challenges and learning CNC machinery – the more complicated the project, the better. They have 75+ years of combined experience in programming and machining.

A&S Design Ltd. invests in their employees and train apprentices through ITA programs in BC – as such, they always have Journeyman and Apprentice Machinists on staff. Everyone strives for perfection in their work and go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction.

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